From Nomadic Roots to Your Wardrobe: The Allure of Mongolian Cashmere

Mongolia, a landlocked country in Central Asia, unfolds a captivating narrative woven into its distinctive continental climate. With summers ranging from 68°F to 77°F/ or C and winters lasting a significant portion of the year, Mongolia stands among the top 5 coldest countries globally, with an annual average temperature of 32°F or 0°C.

For more than a millennium, the nomadic lifestyle of Mongolians has been intricately woven with the breeding of cashmere goats, specifically adapted to endure the challenges of harsh winters. These resilient goats produce long, fine fibers that are not only crucial for their well-being but also integral to the traditional practices passed down through generations.

Each spring, herders engage in the delicate and time-honored tradition of hand combing the cashmere from the goat's underbelly and neck. This meticulous process not only leaves the goat feeling lighter but also readies it for the warmer seasons ahead. This thoughtful grooming benefits the goat in more ways than one. Without this careful combing, there is a risk that the coat could become too thick and matted, leading to considerable discomfort for the goat. In essence, this age-old practice reflects a harmonious relationship between herders and their goats, ensuring the well-being of the animals while preserving the cultural heritage of Mongolian cashmere production.

Mongolian cashmere stands out for its remarkable quality, distinguished by fibers measuring 15-19 microns in diameter—remarkably finer than other types of wool. Brands bearing the prestigious Mongolian Noble Fibre certification offer a testament to the superior quality of their products, assuring consumers that their goods are crafted with 100% high-quality wool and cashmere sourced directly from Mongolia. This certification is a mark of not only the exceptional fineness of the fibers but also the ethical sourcing practices adhered to by these brands, meeting stringent standards for environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

The inherent fineness of Mongolian cashmere imparts unique characteristics that make it a highly coveted material in the textile industry. The fibers' ability to effectively trap air provides excellent insulation, ensuring warmth and comfort in various climates. Moreover, the length of these fibers, surpassing that of regular wool, contributes to a smooth, soft texture and elevates the durability of the final product. The flexibility of cashmere wool fibers adds an extra layer of comfort, allowing for ease of movement in every wear. With the Mongolian Noble Fibre certification as a guiding mark, consumers can not only revel in the luxurious feel of Mongolian cashmere but also trust in the ethical and environmentally responsible journey that brings these exceptional fibers to life.

As demand for cashmere increased, herders expanded their goat herds, doubling to about 70 million since 2000. However, this overpopulation has strained the land's capacity, leading to overgrazing and desertification. Climate change further exacerbates the situation, with goats pulling grass out by the root during grazing, preventing regeneration and degrading approximately 70% of pastureland in Mongolia.

In this challenging scenario, small and medium businesses play a crucial role in ensuring sustainable sourcing. Our cashmere brands, exemplified by KhanBogd, proudly align with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. This organization dedicates itself to responsible sourcing and production practices, positively impacting local communities, livestock well-being, and environmental conservation efforts. 

Moreover, our cashmere brands collaborate with herders who practice responsible breeding, avoiding the overpopulation of goats. This hands-on approach ensures that the cashmere fibers sourced are of the highest quality. In this partnership, herders receive a fair deal for the cashmere they sell to the brands, fostering an equitable relationship that benefits both parties. This commitment to fair practices enhances the quality of our products and supports the sustainability of the traditional Mongolian way of life. 

Beyond delivering exquisite cashmere products, our women-owned businesses are champions of a collective effort to transform the cashmere sector into a more sustainable and ethical industry. Choosing Mongolian cashmere, sourced and crafted with meticulous care, becomes a conscientious choice where sustainability and craftsmanship intertwine seamlessly. What sets our endeavor apart is not just the exceptional quality of Mongolian cashmere but also the empowerment of women woven into the fabric of our business.

As women-owned businesses, we take pride in our commitment to gender inclusivity, with the majority of our workforce being comprised of women. This intentional emphasis on empowering women in the cashmere industry is a testament to our belief in fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The durability and timeless elegance of Mongolian cashmere make it a wise investment, offering not only comfort and style but also contributing to the empowerment of women in the workforce. Join us on this transformative journey where tradition, sustainability, and the impact of small businesses converge to nurture Mongolian cashmere's delicate yet enduring fabric. Your choice goes beyond fashion—it becomes a meaningful step towards supporting a sustainable, ethical, and inclusive future.