About Us

Luxury can come in many forms, but it should never come at the expense of the planet or our fellow citizens of the world. Mongolian Gallery offers cashmere clothes and other sustainable clothing, accessories, and products while simultaneously supporting small, women-owned businesses in Mongolia. 

Wrap yourself in one of our beautifully crafted sweaters and feel the difference of Mongolian cashmere. Shop with us now to find sustainably made and elegant luxury goods.

Our Products

Luxury is within reach with our gorgeous and sustainable designs. Our line of women’s sustainable clothing includes cashmere sweaters, sturdy leather bags, the finest wool, and soft accessories. Our men’s cashmere clothing is just as elegant, comfortable, and practical. Pair a handsome Mongolian cashmere sweater with warm wool socks and a quality leather briefcase. 

Our quality and classic designs offer something for everyone. Browse our collections to learn more about our artisan made products. 

Our Partners

We are committed to partnering with small and medium sized female-owned Mongolian businesses to provide authentic and quality products. Each brand we carry shares our ethics and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. In a world of fast-fashion and unsustainable practices shoppers can often get wrapped up in the allure of quick, easy, and cheap fashion. But investing in quality and ethically made products is an excellent way to ensure that your wardrobe will outlast fading trends. 

Learn More 

Want to know more about our sustainable practices, get tips for a healthy lifestyle, and delve deeper into the fabrics and materials we use? Our blog is updated frequently with gift guides, helpful articles, and content that can help you build a more sustainable life. If you want to keep up with Mongolian Gallery and get the latest updates on our products, practices, and news, follow us on social media. Our mission is to bring quality products to our customers while empowering artisans.

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Our products are an excellent choice for corporate gifting, a special milestone gift, or just because. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, or inquiries.