Few things evoke luxury like cashmere–and our Khanbogd Mongolian cashmere products deliver when it comes to softness and comfort. Like everything we carry, our cashmere is made ethically and sustainably by small producers in Mongolia. By using labor-intensive processes, Khanbogd is able to produce the highest quality and softest cashmere available on the market.

Feel the Difference

As one of Mongolian's leading cashmere exporters, Khanbogd cashmere has been producing top-notch cashmere products for over twenty-four years. Their cashmere is elegant, luxurious, and made in complete harmony with the planet. They’ve made it their mission to create an environmentally friendly and safe production space that supports socially-responsible initiatives, ensuring the well-being of their employees and country at large. 

By working with local producers in Khanbogd, Mongolia, we're able to provide high-quality Khanbogd cashmere that’s finer, softer, and stronger than anywhere else in the world. Shop our women’s sustainable clothing and men's cashmere clothing for some of the finest cashmere and wool products on the market.

Sustainable Luxury

Mongolian Gallery is committed to working with small women-owned businesses in Mongolia to bring beautiful and unique products that celebrate the culture and vibrancy of Mongolia. Our producers combine luxury with sustainability by producing beautiful and high-quality garments that do not harm the planet or our fellow citizens. Our cashmere clothes are sure to become beloved staples in your wardrobe.

Shipping and Returns

We are happy to accept returns on full-priced unworn and unwashed items within 14 days of purchase with proof of purchase. Returns are not accepted on damaged, worn, or marked-down merchandise.

Our Khanbogd cashmere ships within 2-4 days from our NYC or Chicago storefronts. Full information on shipping and returns can be found here.

Learn More

Eager to learn more about elegant cashmere and the skilled craftspeople who bring it to you? Our blog is full of information, tips for healthy living, and gift guides that give insight to our Mongolian products. You can also follow us on social media to keep up with the latest news. Sustainable luxury is within your reach with Mongolian Gallery.