Mongolian Wool Shoes for Women

Women’s Wool Shoes 

When considering outdoor shoes, make sure to put wool footwear on your radar. Wool slip on shoes are a warm and convenient option for when you want to go outside and keep your feet nice and snug. Best of all, our shoes are handmade in Mongolia by artisans in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose a pair that suits your unique taste. 

Why Wool Shoes?

Our shoes are made from felted antibacterial sheep’s wool, along with a sturdy non-stick rubber sole that make them ideal for the outdoors with their reliable traction. These shoes are ideal for gardening, a casual walk outside, and transitional autumn days when it is not quite cold enough yet for boots. Women’s wool shoes are a staple in Mongolia because of their durability and warmth. Shop our collection of wool shoes now for footwear that will become a staple in your closet.

How to Care For Wool Shoes

Wool is an incredibly resilient fabric that is able to withstand the elements. As a fabric, it naturally resists stains, odors, and creases, and it also has antibacterial properties. You only need to wash your wool garments once or twice a season, depending on the frequency of use. You can also hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean your wool garments and shoes. Learn more about wool care instructions to ensure your wool footwear stays intact for years to come.

Our Mission 

At Mongolian Gallery we strive to not only bring quality Mongolian products to the rest of the world, but we also aim to empower our creators. All of our products come from small women-owned businesses in Mongolia. Additionally, our products are made in an eco-conscious manner, so you can trust our women's wool shoes are good for the planet and support female-led Mongolian businesses.

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