Women’s Cashmere Dresses & Skirts

Jump into a world of silky soft comfort and trendy fashions when you wear our premium women’s cashmere dresses and skirts. You’ll find styles for everyday wear that will take you from the office to a dinner out with friends. Shop our luxury cashmere, silk, and velvet attire made with sustainable and fair trade practices.

Blue Tweed Dress
Blue Tweed Dress $487.50 $650.00 S
Black Flared Skirt $304.00 $380.00 L
Black Pink Deel Dress $236.00 $295.00
Black Deel Dress
Black Deel Dress $288.00 $360.00

Cashmere from Head-to-Toe

Want to create an entire ensemble of our high-quality silky soft cashmere? Pair our women’s cashmere dresses and skirts with our cashmere cardigans, socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and other cashmere accessories. Explore our women’s sustainable clothing and men’s cashmere clothing to find the perfect gift for a fashion-forward, eco-conscious loved one.

Creating a Sustainable Future

We are a women-owned company that takes pride in sustainable and fair trade practices. We work with small to medium-sized Mongolian businesses helping to empower women entrepreneurs, promote economic growth, and support local artisans. Our premium women’s cashmere dresses are made from fur gently brushed from free-range goats. We take strides to ensure our manufacturing processes and packaging have minimal impact on the environment, fostering sustainable practices for the future. You can feel amazing about wearing eco-friendly, high-style Mongolian cashmere.

Shipping & Returns

Get free shipping to the continental U.S. on orders of $350 or more. And if you live in the Manhattan area, get free shipping on orders over $50. You can also order online and pick up for free at our store location in the Westfield World Trade Center. We accept exchanges and returns on orders up to 14 days after your purchase date.

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Hop over to our blog and learn how we obtain our artisanal products and support sustainable practices. Meet the women and businesses that make Mongolian Gallery’s vision possible. Or, visit our social media pages for exciting new styles. Contact us if you have questions about our women’s cashmere dresses and skirts.