Hunnu Leather Bags & Accessories

Hunnu, the Mongolian word for Mongolian, is a proud reclamation of cultural heritage amidst the backdrop of this fast-changing world. 

Because Mongolian culture is traditionally nomadic, with livelihoods intimately tied to livestock herding, much of Mongolian art is intended to be as functional and durable as it is beautiful. With this cultural legacy in mind, the Hunnu brand was born. It began as a startup in 2013 and positioned itself as an official clothing company in 2019. Today, it boldly blends the skills of leather craftsmanship passed down by generations with modern, wearable trends.

Sustainable Fashion for All

This brand’s workmanship is an intentional integration of fashion-forwardness with the best of Mongolian traditions. This includes a sincere emphasis on environmental stewardship, from how the leather and other materials are sourced to how the workers are empowered.  

From women’s sustainable clothing to men’s cashmere clothing, Mongolian Gallery invites you to celebrate Mongolian cultural heritage alongside the local artisans and business leaders who produce it.

The Responsible Nomad Project

As a part of the Responsible Nomads project, Hunnu Fashion practices sustainable nomadic livestock production, which is recognized as a national standard in Mongolia and backed by the Swiss Development Agency. They’re also one of fifteen companies in the project that helps customers trace the origins of their products with QR codes that provide information about specific quality certifications and herders. When you shop this brand, you never have to wonder where your products come from because you can trace their origins back to sustainable producers.

From Mongolian Women to the World

Women entrepreneurs in Mongolia lead the way in developing sustainable small businesses that also elevate their roles as collaborative community leaders. In addition to the Hunnu brand, Mongolian Gallery’s collection is reflected in a commitment to authenticity, both in design as well as in a commitment to sustainability. The local artisans who craft everything from leather keychains to Mongolian cashmere reflect a deep commitment to sustainable development goals, celebrating the best of their Mongolian traditions.

Bring Mongolia to Your Life

Mongolian Gallery is all about working with local communities to produce traditional luxury goods for the international market, all while following and championing sustainable practices. Our mission also includes prioritizing your complete satisfaction with every piece of handiwork from Hunnu Fashion and beyond. Read more about our shipping & returns policies to learn when you’ll receive your new favorite piece of Mongolian fashion.

Locally Sourced, Globally Connected

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