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Baba Brand

Mid- Length Vest in Mustard Yellow

$280.00 $480.00

This beautiful long round neck is made in Mongolia, by Baba Brand.

It took 14 people and 2100 minutes to make this beautiful piece for modern, innovative, energetic, and nature-loving young people. Design time: 360 min, Sewing time: 630 min, Cons Time: 1080 min, Hand Craft time: 30 min

Design: Each design is one of a kind. This is a fashion statement piece with a floral pattern and traditional buttoning style.

Material: Silk, Wool, and Cotton

Japanese and Italian fabrics of natural origin in combination with BABA felt are used by Mongolian artists, who value exquisite workmanship and durability, to create a design that is tailored to the Mongolians’ body features, and to bring BABA CLOTHING to life.

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