Wellness in Every Season: Self-Care Tips for Seasonal Change

            As autumn arrives, there are many things to look forward to — the vibrant spectacle of leaves transforming into a beautiful range of colors, the opportunity to layer up in cozy fall attire, and of course, the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, with the arrival of the new season, it’s essential to recognize its potential challenges.

As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, many of us experience a reduction in sunlight exposure, a phenomenon often linked to the “winter blues”. Those in a 9-to-5 routine might have reduced exposure to sunlight, disrupting their circadian rhythm and leading to sleep disturbances. Additionally, lower temperatures mean lower humidity and drier air, potentially causing skin irritation dryness, and itchiness. 

Embrace the seasonal shift with luxurious and unique pieces that stand the test of time. While the joy of acquiring new and unique items can certainly brighten your day, we encourage conscientious consumers to invest in durable, high-quality products. For example, our brands source their cashmere from Mongolian nomads and craft their products in Mongolia, with a strong emphasis on quality and timeless style. 

Below, you'll find some of our personal favorite new arrivals, carefully selected to help you conquer the "winter blues" with grace and warmth.

Cashmere Dresses: Your Go-To Autumn Transition

As fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw famously said, “You can never have enough cashmere.” These buttery soft, long-lasting garments are essential additions to your cold-weather wardrobe.
Cashmere dresses are perfect for transitioning into the cooler months. Our Mongolian Gallery features a carefully curated selection of cashmere pieces, highlighting our cozy oversized dress with a hoodie. This versatile garment can be dressed with a long coat, cinch in the waist with a stylish belt, and fabulous boots. It is perfect for running errands or enjoying a lunch or dinner outing with friends, all while staying warm and comfortable. The softness of our dress makes it an ideal choice for lounging at home or a cold weekend.

For the ultimate warmth and luxury, consider putting together a whole cashmere ensemble, combining the dress with one of our heavyset long cardigans. These cardigans add a touch of style and can be worn indoors and outdoors, making them perfect for cozying up on the couch or enhancing your vacation attire.

Cashmere Comfort for the Season

Don’t forget cashmere socks. These heavenly soft accessories keep your feet warm and cozy while regulating temperature, ensuring your feet stay neither too cold nor too sweaty. Even after multiple washes, these socks retain their softness and warmth.

As we mentioned earlier, the change in daylight and reduced vitamin D absorption can lead to sleep disturbances. A cashmere blanket from our collection, made entirely of cashmere and available in a variety of colors, is the ideal solution. This temperature-regulating fabric ensures a deeper, more restful sleep, making you feel the softest clouds are embracing you.

Indulge in our diverse range of cashmere pieces and stay warm, comfortable, and elegant throughout winter.  

Candles and Clean Skincare for a Mood Lift:

With the changing seasons comes a shift in mood, making it the perfect time to alter your atmosphere with the delightful scents of candles.

Our hand-dipped candles are crafted using soy wax, a natural, renewable, and biodegradable resource. Their soft, subtle fragrance is perfect for extended burning, ensuring you enjoy the scent longer. Light one while you’re reading, watching a movie with family, or during a soothing bath, and let the relaxing aroma elevate your mood.

After your bath, pamper your skin with our seabuckthorn body oil, especially during the dryer months. This organic product, enriched with seabuckthorn, provides vitamins A, C, K, and E, protecting your skin and promoting renewal. It’s packed with omega-6- 6 fatty acids that help combat skin issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dryness. Furthermore, it safeguards your skin from the sun’s harmful effects, making it a popular choice in anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing products. The oil’s delightful scent, derived from lemongrass and chamomile flower oil, adds an extra layer of luxury to your skincare routine.  

Treat yourself to these sustainable, comfortable, and ethical products at our virtual and physical stores. Every item we offer is hand-curated, sourced from small, female-owned businesses that pour love into their creations.