Father’s Day Gift Guide: Meaningful and Long-Lasting Gifts

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and many of us are searching for a meaningful and lasting gift for our dads. When choosing a gift, consider his interests: Is he someone who loves nature, a writer, or a well-dressed gentleman? Or perhaps you can surprise him with something unexpected, like a beautiful light cashmere sweater that can be worn in all four seasons. To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide so you don't have to stress about it.

Gifts Under $50

  1. Wool Socks for the Adventure Dad
  We offer a variety of wool socks made from 100% sheep wool, camel wool, and yak wool. These socks are ideal for dads who enjoy hiking and camping on weekends because they are moisture-wicking and breathable. Additionally, in cold climates, these socks will keep feet warm and cozy. Besides outdoor adventures, they can also be worn during the winter season inside any type of shoe.

 Gifts Under $100

 Our 100% felted wool slippers are handmade and automatically mold to any foot, making them unrivaled in comfort. These slippers are breathable and moisture-wicking, suitable for every season. Each pair is unique, just like the father you're gifting them to.
 Upgrade your dad’s wardrobe with our 100% genuine leather belt, ethically sourced and handmade by microbusinesses in Mongolia. Available in brown, dark brown, and black, this belt is perfect for almost any outfit and will last for years.
 Gift your father a beautiful leather notebook that is both timeless and practical. This notebook will never run out of space because you can refill the pages once it's full, allowing your dad to continue using it for years to come. The outer cover is made from 100% genuine leather, ethically sourced and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mongolia. Its durability ensures it will withstand the test of time, while the elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to his writing experience.

Gifts Under $200

 For dads who go to the office daily, our genuine leather briefcase is the perfect gift. Ethically sourced and manufactured in Mongolia, this briefcase is designed to fit a laptop, essential documents, and other small necessities. Its sleek design ensures your dad will carry it with pride and remember you every day while at work.

 Gifts Over $200

 What father doesn’t appreciate a soft cashmere sweater? At Mongolian Gallery, we carry Buuvee Cashmere, made with patented cashmere yarn that makes the sweater light and warm. Perfect for cold winter days and chilly summer evenings, it can be worn in all four seasons. The sweater has an OEKO-TEX certificate, ensuring it won't cause any health problems, having been tested against 350 chemicals. This present will provide your father with comfort and style for many years to come.