Have you chosen a gift for your father?

“If there is a day for mothers, then might there be a day for fathers?” A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd asked this question at the beginning of the 20th century after the West Virginia Mining accident in 1907 and initiated an effort of establishing the Father’s Day to honor those who lost their lives in the accident and for male parents who are equally involved in parental responsibilities. Because of her effort, in 1910 the very first time the state of Washington celebrated Father’s Day; whereas people were hesitant to have two separate holidays for their parents for decades. But the Great Depression and World War II had pushed the idea of celebrating Father’s Day and subsequently, in 1971, President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation and declared Father’s Day as an official national holiday. Therefore, in the United States, every third Sunday of June is dedicated to celebrating men who embraced fatherhood.

Across the world, people honor fatherhood in different ways and on different days. For example, Mongolians celebrate Father’s Day on August 8. Through this celebration, Mongolians aim to increase the awareness of the importance of fathers’ role and responsibilities in families and children’s development. It is comparatively a new national holiday but today people in Mongolia celebrate it in a way of giving gifts, eating out, and giving holiday cards to their fathers. These might be very common threads for any Father’s Day celebration regardless of where it is celebrated. Given the fact that this holiday, for children, is a great opportunity to express their love and gratitude to their male parents.

Gift-giving is a language of love. It is a universal practice for all types of celebrations and statements of gratitude. As so, people make a great deal of choosing gifts for special occasions.. People used to say that it is a bit challenging to choose a gift for fathers because of the conventional idea of fatherhood and the limited gift options in the stores. But today we are living in the world of varieties and cool dads. Cool dads like cool things and classy gifts.

Therefore, regarding Father’s Day, Mongolian Gallery has created a collection of interesting articles and accessories for our fashionable cool fathers. We present handmade leather bags, wallets, and keychains as well as innovative coats, silk bomber jackets, and leather boots hand-made by Mongolian fashion designers. We believe that this collection would be helpful for you to find an ideal gift for your father. To see more products please click here.


Silk Bomber Jacket with Golden Spirit Dragon Design, made in Mongolia by 3 million brand.



Spacious Genuine Leather Cowhide Travel Bag by Hunnu Fashion, made by Mongol artisans in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.




Intricately designed leather keychain with metal clasp, made in Mongolia by Hunnu Fashion,




Beautifully hand crafted, one-of-a-kind hoodie poncho for the cool dads, made by Baba Brand.




“When our bond with fathers is allowed to flourish, our society is all the better for it.” (Eng 101, 2019). We wish you to have a wonderful holiday. Kudos to fathers!

Written by Myagmartseren (Gina) Purev