Inspiration behind Mongolian Gallery

Inspiration behind Mongolian Gallery

Since 2014, our founders have worked directly with small-medium enterprises women-owned entrepreneurs to bring their quality products and brands to the North American and Japanese market through the Made in Mongolia exhibition in Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, and Tokyo.

After seven years of organizing international business forums and annual exhibitions with more than 20 vendors across the United States, the founders have opened their first-ever one-stop-shop of top Mongolian brands. The store works with six cashmere, three genuine leather, one wool, two jewelry, two skincare, and three home decor brands.

While Mongolia is known for its rich history and large land, it is also the second-largest cashmere supplier and one of the world's highest quality cashmere. The Mongolian Gallery Shop is the place to get high-quality, beautifully curated organic Mongolian cashmere apparel. We currently store Khanbogd Cashmere, Zula Ts Cashmere, Negun Cashmere, Siilen Cashmere, and Marco Polo brands.

The leather industry is crucial to the country's economic growth. With a new government project to promote the export of goods, many new leather brands focus on manufacturing quality genuine leather handbags and wallets.

Mongolian Gallery team is also working to highlight Mongolian couture brands every season and showcase their one-of-a-kind products and design. Our store is located in New York, and we are looking to work with local small businesses to help the community.


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