Story behind Mongolian Gallery

For the past seven years, our founders have been driven by a passionate mission to empower micro, small-medium enterprises (MSME) and women-owned entrepreneurs in Mongolia. They have worked tirelessly to showcase the exceptional products of these businesses to the world, bringing quality brands to North American and Japanese markets through the Made in Mongolia and Mongolian Days exhibitions held in major cities like Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, and Tokyo.

Their unwavering commitment to supporting Mongolian MSMEs led them to open the first-ever one-stop-shop of top Mongolian brands in the World Trade Center, New York. Mongolian Gallery stands as a testament to their passion for bringing Mongolian products to a global audience. With twenty different independent brands producing cashmere, leather, wool, and organic skincare products, each hand-selected for their exceptional quality and unique design, Mongolian Gallery embodies the richness of Mongolian culture.

As a proud female-owned small business, Mongolian Gallery is dedicated to raising awareness of Mongolian culture and promoting local micro, small-medium businesses. It is a place where culture comes to life through vibrant cultural events, collaborative art exhibitions, and couture pop-ups.

Mongolian Gallery is the perfect place to celebrate the rich culture, history, and craftsmanship of Mongolia. The land of vast landscapes and rich history, Mongolia is known to be the second-largest supplier of cashmere in the world, producing some of the highest quality cashmere available. Mongolian Gallery features beautifully curated, organic Mongolian cashmere apparel from local brands like Khanbogd Cashmere, Negun Cashmere, and Gold Cashmere.

The leather industry is crucial to Mongolia's economic growth, and the Mongolian Gallery is proud to feature a range of genuine leather handbags and accessories from long-standing local brands like Maris, Maral, and Hunnu Fashion. With a new government project promoting the export of leather goods, the Mongolian Gallery is well-positioned to showcase the best of Mongolia's leather craftsmanship.

Through hard work and dedication, the Mongolian Gallery team has created more than just a store - they've created a space where passion, culture, and entrepreneurship come together to empower Mongolian businesses and inspire customers around the world.