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Baba Brand

Rombo Coat with Orange Sleeves


Gorgeous Rombo Coat is made in Mongolia, by Baba Brand.

It took 15 people and 3040 minutes to make this beautiful piece for modern, innovative, energetic, and nature-loving young people. Design time: 360 min, Sewing time: 800 min, Cons Time: 1850 min, Hand Craft time: 30 min

Design: Each design is one of a kind. Wool blend coat features a floral and lapel collar, buttoned closure, long sleeves, and shearling pockets, and sleeves

Size: N (Medium)

Material: Silk, Wool, Cotton, Shearling

Japanese and Italian fabrics of natural origin in combination with BABA felt are used by Mongolian artists, who value exquisite workmanship and durability, to create a design that is tailored to the Mongolians’ body features, and to bring BABA CLOTHING to life.

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