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Siilen Cashmere

Hooded Cashmere Coat with Ribbon Cuffs

$322.00 $460.00


100% Cashmere Hooded Coat with Ribbon Cuffs, ethically made in and sourced from Mongolia.

Bringing a contemporary flair towards your outerwear this season, this midi-length hooded coat has enhanced a timeless and luxurious silhouette that has been a part of every woman’s wardrobe. The adjustable sleeve straps introduce a bold new flare for the coat, allowing you to adjust the look and fit of the sleeves to your liking, whilst the hood evolves the concept of warmth for you this season, ensuring comfort all round. Tailored from 100% pure Mongolian cashmere with a luxurious hand feel, this provides an unparalleled experience of warmth and coziness whilst not compromising at all on luxury.

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