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Canvas Wall Art Mongolian Mountain "Khoridol Saridag"


The Khoridol Saridag mountains (Mongolian: Хорьдол Сарьдагийн нуруу, Khoridol Saridagiin nuruu) are a 150 km-long mountain range in Khövsgöl aimag, Mongolia, between Khövsgöl nuur and the Darkhad valley.

 The canvas texture intensifies the image's natural look and feel.

- Canvas and wood frame are sustainably sourced (FSC certified materials).

- Thin canvas has a 2-3 cm (0.8-1.2") thick frame

- Thick canvas has a 4 cm (1.6") thick frame

- Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

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