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Siilen Cashmere

Belted Sleeveless Cashmere Coat


Grey 2

100% Cashmere Sleeveless Coat Free Size By Siilen Cashmere, ethically made in and sourced from Mongolia.

A unique coat that incorporates a sleeveless design, this coat would truly introduce elegance and luxury into any outfit during this season. The bold and unconventional cut of this coat, alongside the adjustable belt, allows for a wide spectrum of flexibility when wearing it, allowing for a relaxed and comforting look when loose, or a sleek and figure-hugging look when tightened around the waist. The sleeveless design further allows layering of other pieces from your fall, winter, spring wardrobe to mix and match to your desire. Consisting of 100% Pure Authentic Mongolian Cashmere, you can be assured that the highest quality of cashmere is being used, ensuring that you will stay warm and comfortable in any day-to-day situation.

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